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Hello Kali,

WHO I AM: Hello, my name is Kali Chaudhary. I am a web developer specializing in UX UI Desginer & Front-End | Back-End development and standards-compliant PHP, HTML5 and CSS3. I create websites that are attractive and elegant, but also simple, informative and accessible to all.

Custom Web Design: Whether your site is a blog, small business, a news site, etc. It all starts with a design and the template! With 8+ years experience in templating, I've seen it all pretty much. Beginning with planning a business strategy for the site and information architecture, from initial sketches/photoshop mockups to living breathing pages, I excel at crafting unique and creative web designs that are always clean, simple and elegant.

Website Analysis: Re-designs are one of my specialties. I examine your website and explain in clear simple terms different approaches to improve the site's performance on all fronts.

Front End Programming: Javascript has come a long way, and I love adding all the cool effect and seamless transitions you see on your favorite sites. Ajax & Jquery? No problem.

Back End Programming: Back-end is programming that the user doesn't see, in a web application it would be the server-side code that runs on the web server to enact the application's logic such as storing data to a database, verifying user registration info, and so on...

Mobile Web App.: I can build web applications for each device–iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile and more–requires different frameworks and languages.

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